Is finding the right desk for your gaming setup all that important? We think so.

If you don’t find the right desk, how will you fit your multiple monitors, studio speakers, and other peripherals? Plus, there’s more to a great desk than its size. A lot more.

This comprehensive guide will help you figure out exactly the type of desk you want and where you can get it.


First, measure your room
Before you decide what size desk you want, you need to know how much space you’re working with. Measure your allotted desk area and leave room for a chair. Desk chairs take up around 5 Sq ft.

By mapping out exactly how much space you have, desk specs become much more meaningful.

Desk height
The height of your desk is more important than you think. Unless you purchase an adjustable sit/stand desk (we’ll talk about those later), the ergonomics of your setup is limited by your desk height.

Just input your height, and you’ll get good idea of how high your chair and desk need to be to promote good posture.

Surface Area
Not all desks list their surface area, but you can calculate it by doing some maths with their listed dimensions. The importance of surface area is self-explanatory. You can’t fit triple monitor setups on all tables, so figure out how much space you need beforehand.



Desk shape is important because it makes a big impact on size and style. Let’s take a look at all the different shapes they come in.

When I think L-shaped computer desk, I think “professional”. These desks look mature and provide plenty of surface area. They’re also space-efficient because you can set them up in the corner of your room (or cubicle).

Corner desks are clutch if you don’t have much space; but you’ll lack surface area too. You’d have to rock a minimal setup or get creative with mounts.



How many functions can a desk possibly have? You’d be surprised. Some desks come equipped with unnecessary doodads like cupholders and CD slots. We’ll just focus on the important stuff.

Compartments & Drawers
Don’t clutter your desktop with non essential items like stray papers and pens, stuff it in your desk drawer instead.

Some desks come with keyboard trays and compartments to hold your tower, but we’d advise against those. We’ve found keyboard trays to be limiting and computer compartments to restrict airflow.


They make desks out of all types of materials. There’s wood, particleboard (fake wood), plastic, glass, and steel to name a few. Regardless of which material you opt for, keep the following factors in mind.

How the furniture feels to the touch is often overlooked. If you find yourself leaning your arms on your desk often, you’ll most likely prefer a wooden or plastic desk. They tend to be more temperature neutral than say, glass or steel.

Construction Quality
We know you don’t want to shell out serious cash for a desk when your PC already cost you a fortune. But you don’t want your desk peeling away after a week either.

The number one giveaway that your desk was made poorly is its finish. Take a close look and if you notice something looking off, stay away.

Weight Capacity
If you plan to put an extensive gaming setup on your desk, you should be mindful of weight capacity. Thankfully, most sellers list it in their specs. You just want to know your desk is sturdy enough to hold all your equipment without collapsing.

You may also want to research if it can handle monitor arms if that’s something you’re interested in.

Ergonomics & Health

Managing the height of your monitor, desk, keyboard, and chair does wonders for your posture and health. Certain fancy desks nowadays handle all of that for you.

The most obvious example is the adjustable-height desk AKA the sit/stand desk. More and more modern companies now have them to promote a healthier work environment. A healthy gaming environment sounds like a good idea too.

Other ergo/health desk features to look out for include:

Built-in monitor arms
Built-in monitor platforms
Curved table edges so you don’t have to hunch over and reach



So many physical and online retailers would love to take your money; so don’t look there first. You can get your gaming desk for a steal if you know where to look.

Check out both the “furniture” and “free” sections on your local listings. You’ll often find a business closing down who’s looking to get rid of their furniture quickly.

There are tons of people selling their stuff through Facebook groups. Just type in “buy/sell [your city or county name]” in the search bar on Facebook. Scouring through these listings won’t be as streamlined as the options above, but you can find great deals.

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